SPEED BUMP: A 25TH ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION by Dave Coverly (Signed, Hardcover)

Dave Coverly
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SPEED BUMP: A 25TH ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION by Dave Coverly (Signed, Hardcover)

Personalized Edition

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This silver anniversary edition of Dave Coverly's Reuben award-winning Speed Bump collects 300 of his best cartoons into one full-color hardcover book.

25 years of ideas. 25 years of drawings. 25 years of coffee. Man, that's a lot of coffee.

For 25 years - did we mention it's been 25 years? - Coverly's work has appeared in over 400 newspapers, including the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, and the Detroit Free Press, as well as in Parade magazine, textbooks, greeting cards, and even on that internet thingy. Heck, we bet some of your friends have even shared them on your social media platforms! And yeah, that uncredited cartoon you saw that one time on a B-list celeb's Facebook page? That was Dave's!

Dave Barry has said of Coverly, "He's very, very funny, AND he can draw. I hate him." Which is nice, though it does explain the lack of invitations to the Barry's summer home.

Dry and gentle not only describes Dave's hands, but his sense of humor as well. And while there are no guarantees in life, this new collection of Speed Bump cartoons hopes to make you think, smile, snort awkwardly, rethink, pause for a bathroom break, maybe get a second cup of coffee, and return to read a few more before realizing you really should be doing something a little more productive.


Dave Coverly, a native of Plainwell, Michigan, is the creator of the cartoon panel Speed Bump, which runs internationally in 400 newspapers and websites, including the Washington PostThe Globe & Mail (Toronto), and the Detroit Free Press. His work was named "Best in Newspaper Panels" by the National Cartoonists Society, in 1995, 2003, and 2014. Coverly's cartoons have also appeared in The New YorkerUSA TodayThe New York TimesNewsweekEsquireRanger Rick, Jr., and have been a regular feature in Parade. He is also the principle cartoonist for Bark & Co.