Local Author Night Application

Local Author Night Application

Congratulations on publishing your book!  Local authors are central to our reading community and we honor your accomplishment!

With the advent of self-publishing and the rise of small press -- including our own Chapbook Press -- Nicola's Books is receiving more requests for events than ever. Because of the volume of submissions we are no longer able to guarantee an event for every author. Therefore, we now are accepting Local Author Night Applications, which we will review to select the authors that we feel best fit the interests of our customers.

Many factors influence our selection, including subject, writing quality, production & editing, retail price, and the author’s personal plan for marketing the event.  We have years of experience in running events that fit the tastes of our customers and while your book may be perfect for an event in a certain market, it's not always a good fit for ours. If we select your book to be featured in a Local Author Night panel, we will contact you regarding scheduling. If we are not able to fit your book into our limited event schedule, don't forget about our Consignment Program for still making your book available to purchase locally.

Self-publishing also means self-marketing and much of the work to market a book largely falls to the author.  Even the bestselling authors in the country have extensive self-promotion vehicles to connect with their readers.  If you are looking for some tips on how to do this check out these great resources:

Learn tips and tricks from these guides:

71 Ways to Promote and Market Your Book

15 DIY Tools to Promote Your Book

89+ Book Marketing Ideas that Will Change Your Life

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