Book Fairs

A book fair is a great way to provide interesting reading material for students and parents, and to raise funds for your school at the same time. Nicola's Books can add a local twist to your next book fair. We have been running book fairs for over 10 years, so we know what it takes to assist you in coordinating a successful event. Together we will work with you to form a personalized plan to suit your next book fair.

Single Day Book Fairs

In this case, staff from Nicola's Books deliver the books to your location, handle all the selling of books during the fair, and take the unsold copies back to the store. Volunteers to help prepare the displays and help with packing up at the end are gratefully accepted. Nicola's Books will provide you with a listing of all the books sold, and give your organization 15% of the pre-tax proceeds as a check. Alternatively, you may choose to take 20% of proceeds as book credit which you can use to buy books at Nicola's Books for a special 25% discount.

Multi Day Book Fairs

If you choose to have a multi day Book Fair the books will be assigned to your care. Nicola's Books will provide an itemized list of all book titles and quantities. You are responsible for all selling and management of the fair. On the itemized list we will also include the selling price of all the books. You can choose to sell the books at full retail value and receive the full 20% profit, or you can pass some savings down to your costumers by selling books for lower than the retail value. When your event is finished you pay Nicola's Books 80% of retail value of books not returned to us. Again, if you choose to use the funds to buy books from Nicola's, the 25% discount applies.

In-Store Fundraisers

Nicola's Books maintains ongoing partnerships with certain schools and other organizations whereby a percentage of all purchases made by members are donated to the relevant organization. Please contact Nicola if you would like to discuss setting up a partnership for your organization. You can designate a fundraising week, or have the fundraising occur on an ongoing basis.

Important Notes About Book Fairs and Fundraisers

  • Sales tax is charged at time of sale to the public, since the people buying the books are not Tax Exempt.
  • Volunteers who help with book fairs will receive a gift certificate for 20% off one purchase (no dollar limit).
  • Merchandise from our store such as bookmarks, toys, games, calendars or cards may be included if you wish.
  • Successful events are often paired with other events that bring parents to the school such as Ice Cream Socials and Science Fairs.