The Debt Cure: 175 Proven Strategies for Financial Independence (Paperback)

The Debt Cure: 175 Proven Strategies for Financial Independence Cover Image
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For many Americans, debt has become overwhelming—and in some cases unmanageable. This book is a primer to understanding how debt works, why we borrow and what to do when debt gets beyond our reach. 

Debt has become woven into the fabric of most Americans’ lives. We take out mortgages to buy our houses, borrow to pay for college, use it to own or lease our cars, and put purchases big and small on credit cards. 

From learning the ins and outs of the most common kinds of debt to understanding how interest rates and credit scores work, this book will give readers the information they need to maintain a healthy relationship with debt. And if debt gets out of control, this book offers concrete steps readers can take to get—and stay—out of debt. Plus: Easy-to-use worksheets to more easily manage spending and eliminate debt with money saving tips for everyone.

About the Author

Taylor Smith has spent the last 20 years writing about money, including how to make it, save it and even spend it. Taylor has specialized in behavioral finance, discovering how our brains often aren’t our best friends when it comes to making smart money decisions. He’s interviewed hundreds of experts—from Wall Street pros to top financial advisors—about their best advice for saving and investing. Taylor lives with his family on the coast of Maine, where he often he has to remind himself to ignore his brain and put away the debit card.

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ISBN: 9781951274252
ISBN-10: 1951274253
Publisher: Centennial Books
Publication Date: July 14th, 2020
Pages: 192
Language: English