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Fiction. California Interest. In the California heartland in 1932, at a migrant labor camp whose very name means forgotten, a child's sudden illness leads to tensions between workers wishing to break camp and the land barons enforcing their contracts. Into this dispute Esteban Alas contrabandista and self- styled businessman is reluctantly drawn as a mediator, until an act of violence forces him into a more tragic role.

"CAMP OLVIDO is everything a novella should be intense as it is resonant, propulsive as it is deep but, even more than a shining example of the form, it is simply a great story. I haven't read anything as powerful about pickers and California since I read John Steinbeck. Lawrence Coates writes with every bit as much tenderness and compassion, but this moving novella full of characters I won't forget and images I can't is cut with a clear-eyed, brutal honesty that gives it a hard-won wisdom and beauty all its own." Josh Weil

" A] stunning exploration of one man's bold actions and their consequences. Gorgeously written, the novella shows the dark side of California's prosperity, with violence and, unexpectedly, elements of the divine. A superb addition to a distinguished series." Cary Holladay

"I have rarely read a novella so rich, with the moral complexities of Melville's Billy Budd and the social and visual acuity of a film like Bunuel's Los olvidados... Read CAMP OLVIDO, a masterful work of fiction, as provocative as it is jaw-dropping in its beauty." Wendell Mayo

"In CAMP OLVIDO, Lawrence Coates paints a sensual and humane picture of life and death in a depression-era work camp peopled by Latino fieldworkers... showing not only the sorrow of endemic poverty and powerlessness but the love and good humor of a community that can endure." Bonnie Jo Campbell.

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ISBN: 9781881163572
ISBN-10: 1881163571
Publisher: Miami University Press
Publication Date: October 27th, 2015
Pages: 98
Language: English