Meet Local Author John Psarouthakis, Phd. (The Technology Imperative)

Oct 29 2013 7:00 pm
Dr. John Psarouthakis (“Dr. John”) is Distinguished Visiting Fellow-Professor,Institute of Advanced Studies in the Humanities, University of Edinburgh, Scotland (2011 to Present)Has held  the Postma Chair of Entrepreneurship at Nyenrode University in the Netherlands. (2009 to 2011) 

Dr. John coaches CEO’s and high level executives on Corporate Strategy, Growth Business Models, Acquisitions, and Turning Around underperforming operations. 

As an Adjunct Professor of Business at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, he taught corporate strategy and acquisitions. As a Senior Lecturer, he taught at MIT on what is the Business Enterprise. 

He is the founder and former Chairman and CEO of JP Industries, Inc. a Fortune 500 industrial corporation that traded in the New York Stock Exchange. He is the founder and former chairman and of JPE, Inc. EIP, LLc. and the JP-Management Center, LLc. 

Dr. John has led the acquisition of over 50 businesses in the USA and Europe including two joint ventures, one in Japan and one in Italy. Has lead seven public stock offerings over the years including two IPO’s. 

He is the author / co-author of six books, including   “How to Acquire the Right Business”, and of over 200 articles / papers on several topics on technology, management, and education. 

He has received numerous business, academic and other awards and recognitions including the Corporate Leadership award from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and the Distinguished Young Scientist award from the Maryland Academy of Science. 

He has given numerous presentations at the Wall Street and other financial communities, and his business activities have been chronicled by several publications including Fortune, Business Week, Industry Week, Corporate Detroit, and other local media. 

He received his BS and MS Degrees from MIT, his Ph.D. degree from the University of Maryland, and completed the Program for Executives at the Graduate School of Industrial Administration (GSIA) at Carnegie-Mellon University. 

Dr. John and his wife Antigoni Kefalogiannis reside in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


This small but powerful book insists we must define our problems before seeking solutions. Dr. John Psarouthakis uses that fundamental engineering principle to demonstrate, in clear and enjoyable prose, that a single problem (and opportunity) underlies all the above questions. 

Just as our 19th Century farmer nation endured social upheaval but prospered in a massive shift to an urban and manufacturing 20th Century, we face a new upheaval today. Both enormous transitions stem from the same all-powerful, irreversible force—technological progress. 

This time around, Psarouthakis demonstrates, the great danger is that populist political rhetoric will strangle the free-market generator of wealth for all Americans, leaving us with a failed economy and a failed nation. The American capitalist economic engine needs repair, now. It must find new ways of sharing the wealth it creates—as it did via job creation in the 20th Century—or the politicians will ensure that the prevailing gloom will be warranted. 

That challenge is The Technology Imperative.

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