Meet Author, Musician and Former Ann Arbor Resident Whit Hill

Aug 21 2011 4:00 pm


"When I met Madonna Ciccone, my initial assessment ... was that I had little to learn from any young whippersnapper from Michigan, safety-pinned earlobes or no." 

So begins Whit Hill's compelling, revealing, funny memoir of her life, as reflected through the lens of her junior year at the University of Michigan — with her roommate Madonna.  And it is also Whit's story of the years that followed, a life of dance, music, love, loss, and change. 

This is a book about two very different women who lived alongside each other for nine months. About women artists in America, about mothers and daughters, about giving birth — to hot, squirming babies, and to huge, ionospheric pop careers. It is about loss and poverty and hope and happiness. And remembrance. 


About the Author


Though born and raised in New York City, Whit Hill lived in Ann Arbor for almost thirty years;  She moved to Nashville three years ago.  A UM-trained dancer and choreographer, she was artistic director of People Dancing -- Whitley Setrakian and Dancers for about 15 years.  She then switched to music and led Whit Hill and the Postcards -- an acclaimed Americana band -- until Hill moved to Tennessee in 2008

Hill still maintains her Ann Arbor roots as a full-time writer for the UM Medical School (working from home) and as the co-founder of NashBash, a country music festival at the Farmers Market. 

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