An Evening with Nicholas Delbanco - Author and Professor at the University of Michigan

Feb 15 2012 7:00 pm

Join us for an evening with Nicholas Delbanco for a disucussion regarding the paper back release of his latest non-fiction book, Lastingness and for the release of the Sherbrookes trilogy, now collected into one volume.

NICHOLAS DELBANCO has published twenty-five books of fiction and non-fiction. His most recent novels are The Count of Concord and Spring and Fall; his most recent work of non-fiction is Lastingness: The Art of Old Age, which was published by Grand Central Publishing in 2011. As editor he has compiled the work of, among others, John Gardner and Bernard Malamud. Director of the Hopwood Awards Program at the University of Michigan, he has served as Chair of the Fiction Panel for the National Book Awards, received a Guggenheim Fellowship and, twice, a National Endowment for the Arts Writing Fellowship. Last year Professor Delbanco completed a teaching text for McGraw-Hill entitled Literature: Craft and Voice, a three-volume Introduction to Literature of which he is the co-editor with Alan Cheuse; in 2004 he published The Sincerest Form: Writing Fiction by Imitation.

ISBN-13: 9780446199650
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Published: Grand Central Publishing, 1/2012

America grows older yet stays focused on its young. Whatever hill we try to climb, we're "over" it by fifty and should that hill involve entertainment or athletics we're finished long before. But if younger is better, it doesn't appear that youngest is best: we want our teachers, doctors, generals, and presidents to have reached a certain age. In context after context and contest after contest, we're more than a little conflicted about elders of the tribe; when is it right to honor them, and when to say "step aside"?

In LASTINGNESS, Nicholas Delbanco, one of America's most celebrated men of letters, profiles great geniuses in the fields of visual art, literature, and music-Monet, Verdi, O'Keeffe, Yeats, among others - searching for the answers to why some artists' work diminishes with age, while others' reaches its peak. Both an intellectual inquiry into the essence of aging and creativity and a personal journey of discovery, this is a brilliant exploration of what determines what one needs to do to keep the habits of creation and achievement alive.

Sherbrookes (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 9781564785879
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Published: Dalkey Archive Press, 8/2011

Now finally collected into a single volume, the Sherbrookes trilogy Possession, Sherbrookes, and Stillness is Nicholas Delbanco s most celebrated achievement. Centering upon one New England clan and their estate in southwestern Vermont a full thousand acres, including the bleak and chilly Big House, from which the volatile Sherbrookes have such trouble escaping these books form a virtuoso portrait of the love, pride, resentment, and even madness we inherit from our families. Written in his characteristically opulent, bravura prose, Delbanco is here revealed as a Henry James for our time: a passionate cataloger of human strength and frailty. Edited and revised by the author some thirty years after its first publication, the trilogy made new as the single-volume Sherbrookes can now be rediscovered by a new generation of readers.

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